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Our Story

Ever wonder why there is so much junk in your lip balm? Chemical names you can't pronounce and ingredients that sound like they belong in Walter White's lab and not on your lips.
Well we did and in response created NipLip. For years models, actresses and celebrities have used an alternative product to soothe and protect their lips given the lack of transparency in the lip balm market. What product you may ask? Nipple Cream. heard that right.  
Historically, Lanolin, the main ingredient used to make nipple cream has been powerful enough to soothe chapped nips and gentle enough to come into contact with an infants lips. But the time has come to leave nipple cream for nips and NipLip for lips. NipLip contains 5 all natural ingredients. That's it. While we make sure each NipLip contains 62.5% of pure lanolin, we also have created a recipe that is targeted more to your lips than your nips.  No harmful chemicals, no ingredients you can't pronounce. To top it off, we made sure that each NipLip container is made of glass to ensure we are pure from head to toe or nip to lip...  
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